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March 2024

Overview of NFRA Inspection Reports of 2023 on Audit Firms– II

By Raman Jokhakar, Chartered Accountant
Reading Time 16 mins

This is the second and final article to cover an overview of the first five NFRA inspection reports. The inspection process, timelines and the structure of the inspection reports were covered in the February 2024 issue of The BCAJ on page 21, including the summary of NFRA observations related to governance and leadership structures or lack / non-disclosure thereof, international and domestic network / affiliations. The article also covered issues pointed out by NFRA related to non-audit services provided to audit clients and SQC 1.

This second part is on the remaining observations of NFRA on audit quality control systems, independence, engagement quality control and points arising from the review of engagement files based on selected areas. From these two articles, one will be able to draw practical nuances relating to Standards on Auditing and other applicable laws and regulations.

At the cost of repetition, the purpose of this compilation is to enable auditors and audit firms to understand the focal points and key issues arising from these inspections. By understanding key features, firms can take the necessary steps to be compliant with applicable regulations.

The five reports covered are as below and referred to with the last two digits to identify the reports:

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