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May 2024


By C N Vaze, Chartered Accountant
Reading Time 4 mins

Shrikrishna : Why are you looking worried, Arjun?

Arjun : Our life has become so depressing, that all CAs are really worried. They are not sure whether to continue the practice at all! And if yes, how to continue…………?

Shrikrishna : What do you mean?

Arjun : I told you many times, audit work is a nightmare. No one wants to do audits.

Shrikrishna : Why?

Arjun : Too much of regulation. Client feels all those regulatory requirements are meant for auditors only. They find no value addition from our services.

Shrikrishna : Then you should charge more fees! You are doing what actually they are expected to do.

Arjun : You are applying salt to our wounds! Even our normal fees they are not willing to pay! Payments of additional fee is out of question.

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