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Hybrid Meeting on The Reality and Depth of Homoeopathy was addressed by CA Rajneesh Agrawal jointly with Ms. Manjula Maheswari – on Meditation to Cure the Mind on Thursday, 15th December, 2022 at Bombay Chartered Accountant Society at the HRD Study Circle Meeting.

Listed below are a few Glimpses from the Discussions held at the above Meeting :

1.    CA Rajneesh Agarwal started by narrating his illness, near death experience, hospitalization for over 7 months, numerous surgeries and then miraculous recovery through Homoeopathy. He feels many things in life are beyond reason, beyond belief and also that everything in life is predestined.

2.    After his recovery he has decided to spread the knowledge of homoeopathy healing to all and is now working to take the knowledge of this pure, easy, quick and inexpensive cure from door to door.

3.    Recently he has set up an organization “Kewal Samarpan Foundation” and published a complimentary book “Homoeopathy-Affordable Wellness”. His book is currently in English, Hindi and Bengali and can be downloaded from www.kewalsamarpan.com. He has also made a home kit of 21 medicines, with which the common man can cure numerous day-to-day ailments quickly on one’s own.

4.    He explained many day-to-day symptoms and their simple cures. He said we are highly intelligent and skilled in the pursuit of the outer world, but there is an inner world which connects us to the origin of life which we must all explore. We have to be aware of inner and outer journeys of life.

5.    He said most ailments begin in the mind and the real cure is meditation which is above medication.

6.    Ms. Manjula Maheswari shared some prayers and meditation for attaining a calm mind and thereby remaining peaceful at all times. For 5-7 Minutes Manjula Maheswari spoke on meditation as a cure. We have a conscious and sub conscious mind and 7 major points called chakras. We need to be aware of the different roles they play.

7.    He explained the concept of molecular memory of water, why water is central in all prayers and how the moon cycles and other planetary movements have an impact on the water in our body (like on oceans) and health and several ancient practices revolved around it.

8.    We need to respect age old traditions even if modern science has no tools to discern them as yet. There are many unknown deep energies in nature felt by us and we are still in the process of evolving and discovering the same.

9.    We also need to have knowledge of basic concepts of the human body to face the diseases and to live a healthy life. Our body also gives us many signs and we must understand them and


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