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From Being Chartered Accountant to a Complete Accountant

Zenith Jain - Chartered Accountant

To create a curriculum and paper, which requires brainstorming of master, is itself a game of Chess in itself. Trust me; it would be more difficult to set question papers of CA examination then answering them. In the limited period that our environment allows us to be in contact through our papers or membership for that matter, it is not possible to groom each individual. There will always be a scope of improvement in all aspects of our personality. Following are some of the areas, which remains untouched. We can always bat on flat pitches but life may give you turn and bouncy wickets as well.


  1. Current Affairs: Playing KBC with self!


One thing as a student I always wanted in our curriculum was 15-20 marks of current Affairs of our country or World. We may be aware of the Big Boss winner or Champions of the Indian Premier League but we may be unaware about many important schemes that are going to boost the Agriculture economy or Start-ups for that matter. We may not be aware of the Geographies of Our Great Country, the way no of seats divided in a Lok Sabha, how many women representations are currently there, and what is the body of work or background of our elected representative. Sometimes, the right thinking takes time but whenever it arrives, it becomes a movement within us. We are still yet to see that movement in our profession. Just being aware of the current affairs, can really add to our skill set which can go a long way in creating difference to society. In Shortest Words, be that neighbor who has all the Gossips of the Building in a constructive way


  1. From Being a Creative Thinking to Problem Solver: Can you be the next Shark?


Change is the only constant, while we are good at academics but when it comes to thinking out of the box, we lag behind. Creativity may not necessarily mean art and from the name itself, it only means creation of a thing. Creativity is subjective and we are all born with it or not however thinking is in our hands (or rather heads). The direction in which we think can make us go places. Unknowingly, we do apply our creativity or thinking out of the box in solving our papers to manage time, especially costing/ Accountancy. We just need to do the same in our respective streams, be it business or profession. In the Era of Tech and Shark Tanks, which has come too late in India, its high time we up our A game which only comes from Creative thinking. Most of the times the difference between our negative results and positive results, is just the shift in thinking. Priyanka Chopra Jonas would not have been a Global Icon had she not thought differently towards her Work. 


  1. Street Smartness: Are you the real Super King?


We do things sometimes out of the sheer mechanical nature of it, without applying much of our brains. There are different ways of doing things and sometimes the ways are unorthodox and can be questioned by many. What separate us with those unorthodox is our confidence in ourselves and our smartness in applying those ways. The best example in our own Thala, MSD.While nobody tried to use Spinner early in the Innings while bowling. MSD experimented with Ashwin. After the experimentation, there was a light towards thinking of giving less pace to the batsman to time the ball when the field is wide open. It could also lead the batsman to take more risk and compel him to commit mistakes. In addition, the time taken to complete the over is lesser and hence lesser time for batsman to re-think his strategy.  Sometimes the answers are right ahead of us, it’s just that we need to walk towards that path. There may be 100 ways to reach to a place, walking on the shortest amongst them successfully is street smartness.  


  1. Use of Information Technology :  The Actual “ Gehraiyaan”


While it is certain that we may see a great shift of our culture towards Tech., it is also a fact that we have lagged behind in creating application-based culture for our fraternity. While we do include theoretical syllabus in our Curriculum, practical approach is required towards it.  While we can see an Engineer student doing MBA, learn basics of accounting, and get a job in Bank (not a scene from 3 Idiots) we are yet to see a CA making a tech based App without help of an Engineer. By creation means self-creation. There may be few exceptions but the whole fraternity requires the shift in culture. Today, most of the work have been converted technologically to reduce the human efforts. We may argue that software made for filing of Returns are a part of tech  but the idea here is to bring the change at the base itself by imparting education amongst the students to create a utility based application with interface that helps to reduce human efforts for certain purpose. In the era of Metaverse and Block chain, we are yet to come out of the OTPs and CAPTCHAs’. Tech has the brightest future and it can bring revolution in all the spheres. The quest for Tech is deep and boundary is limitless.   


  1. Team Sports: Are your Dream XI Khiladi of the Match? :

The effort from our Institute and many study circle towards the Sports is worth appreciating despite the resources available being limited. While we can’t really teach people about a sport and track them, we are unaware about our potential till we actually play a team Sport. Without being disrespectful, no book, no institute, no mentor, no Guru can teach you better than what a team sport can teach you. In our busy schedule we may not get the time to boost our sporting skills but it’s one of the most important part of our lives as unknowingly or knowingly we play the best person at his best place, we select a leader amongst us to show direction, we sacrifice a place for a better player than us, we play for a common goal and not for our personal goal, we strengthen our fitness to achieve our respective roles etc. We lose and learn to comeback strongly, we win and learn to stay grounded. Aur waise bhi kabhi kabhi jeetne ke liye haarna padta hai… Aur aage toh aap jante hi hai…

The basic idea of everything above is to bring change in the culture and keep the flag of our profession always flying higher. We all lack somewhere , but not working towards it shall make us outdated. Its always better to remain in trend and make our mark everywhere in the world. The  wave of change that has come into India shall make it prosperous in years to come, its our opportunity to put our hand up at the right time to make the most of it! Jai Hind!   





Published on:2022-06-25

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