October 2019

Section 50C In the course of assessment proceedings if the assessee objects to adoption of stamp duty value as deemed sale consideration, for whatever reason, it is the duty of the AO to make a reference to the DVO for determining the value of the property sold

Jagdish D. Shah | Jagdish T. Punjabi
Chartered Accountants

1. Aavishkar Film Pvt. Ltd. vs. ITO (Mumbai) Members: Saktijit Dey (J.M.) and G. Manjunatha (A.M.) ITA No. 2256/Mum/2016 A.Y.: 2011-12 Date of order: 21st June, 2019 Counsel for Assessee / Revenue: Deepak Tralshawala / Jothi Lakshmi Nayak


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