September 2019


C. N. Vaze
Chartered Accountant

About eight to ten days back I was on my morning walk when I saw a luxury bus standing near the joggers’ park. To my surprise I saw a few CA friends in the bus      – Shah, Mehta, Desai, Joshi, Kamat, Agarwal!

I wondered where all of them were going together.

I asked: Are Ranchhodbhai, where are all of you going?

Shah: Kashmir!

I: Some seminar? Or RRC? But who has organised RRC in this tax and audit season?

Shah: No RRC. No conference. Just on a visit.

I was even more shocked. All CAs leaving in the month of August for a visit to Kashmir!? Surely, they were crazy!

Q: You mean, there are all CAs in the bus?

A: No, only eight to ten of us.

Q: But what makes you visit Kashmir all of a sudden?

A: Now Article 370 is deleted.


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