September 2019


Chartered Accountant

Gurus are the fairest flowers of mankind,

they are the oceans of mercy without any motive

—Swami Vivekananda


Why do we need a Guru? What does a Guru do?


We are ignorant and ignorance is a curse. The Guru removes ignorance and grants knowledge. He makes us realise the power of knowledge and the use of knowledge.


Is there only one Guru one has in life?

  •   Have we ever asked ourselves why we read a newspaper? We do so because we want to know what is happening – –to gain knowledge about what is happening in the world around us. In that sense, is the newspaper a Guru?
  •   Again, whilst being educated in school or college, we are taught by several teachers and each teacher teaches us a different subject. Are all these teachers our Gurus?
  •   When we join a business or profession we have a mentor(s) who teaches us how to act. Are these mentors our Gurus?
  •   Again, every book we read and gather and absorb some thoughts from, in that sense – is the author our Guru?


The answer to all these is in the affirmative. Hence, in my view one has several Gurus and each one contributes to removing our ignorance or adds to our knowledge.


I have personally learnt from my seniors, my peers and my juniors. They were big contributors to my knowledge. Mistakes made by juniors and others made me think how to deal with the mistakes and their suggestions added to my knowledge. Both thinking and knowledge remove ignorance.


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