April 2019

Love – Hate

Chartered Accountant

?Discover the redemption power of love’

               Martin Luther King Jr.


Love and hate : both are very strong emotions. They are actually two sides of the same coin. The irony is that at times, with change in environment – the person we love is the person we hate. Graham Greene says `I hate him for the very quality that once made me love him’. The issue is: what is the difference between love and hate. Hate has been defined as having strong feeling of hostility and / or antipathy. In my view – love is giving without expectation and is based on the concept of `let go’ whereas `hate’ results from failure of expectations and is based on the concept of `hold on’. Osho says : `love is happy when it gives something’ – whereas hate is based on an unfulfilled demand / need expectation. Love expands and grants space whereas hate contracts. Love accepts individuality – hate arises because of failure of desire to control and change the other person. Love is a mood reader. Hate is blind to the mood of the other person. Paul Coelho says : `one is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed in loving’. Love is always unconditional whereas `hate’ has a reason.


Love is the breath of life. Secret of basis of lifelong love is understanding. Love is the essence of life – without love, life is like an empty vessel. Love could be for a person, pet or place. It has no boundary. Love need not be person-oriented. It could be love for nature, for any of the performing arts, for a place. Love for books, and knowledge and above all our unconditional love for God – our Creator.


The antidote to hate is forgiveness coupled with other side of the coin ?love’.


?Forgiveness’ relieves and benefits both the forgiver and the one who is forgiven. Gandhi says that forgiveness can only be practised by the strong. The author has already expressed his view on a previous writing on ?forgiveness’. I also believe that if one can forgive and forget, it would make forgiveness divine. However, it is easy to forgive but difficult to forget. One can only forget by the grace of God


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