March 2019


Here is a compilation of material published in Journals of the last fifty years, things that will give the reader a glimpse of richness from the past. Some of it is historical; some prophetic; some display reactions to important events; some insightful; some humorous; but all are inspiring. Reading what was written in the past today tells us a lot about how relevant much of it still is ... a variety of authors, a variety of views, still ring true


Started in January, 1969

T he first issue of the BCAJ in its present form was published in January, 1969, the year in which P.N. Shah was the President of the BCAS. That issue consisted of 40 pages and was available for an annual subscription of Rs. 18. Shri Sham G. Argade was the first Editor of the Journal and Chairman of the Journal Committee, with B.C. Parikh as the convener of the Committee, the other members of the Committee being Haren B. Jokhakar, Homi M. Damania and A.N. Lilani. Given its origins, this first issue of the Journal was devoted entirely to direct taxes.




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