March 2019


Raman Jokhakar

The 50th Volume is culminating with this issue, but another extraordinary journey of the BCA Journal starts next month. The task of the BCAJ will never end. Golden content will end with this issue, but the glow must continue. Some things have no end – time, service to fellow humans and quest for knowledge. Hope you will enjoy reading the special content this issue carries.


As I was preparing and compiling material contained in the following pages I was overwhelmed by the volunteers, who have contributed month on month for years on end. Only one thing stands out – commitment. I got to speak to several of the feature writers, and their central objective was – how to benefit the readers! Just as this Sanskrit poetry says


Let us always remember,

Let us repeatedly speak out:

Our duty is to do good to humanity.


The Journal through its work of spreading knowledge serves the nation. Each one can only serve a part, and that part is part of the whole. That way we serve the whole. Do read the poem Jal Dastur, wrote in 2001 titled Always India in 43 verses. Our endeavour should be to build and serve the nation which is still young but stands on the bedrock of the oldest living civilisation.


Our BCA Journal in these fifty years has created a vast Vaangmay (a body of content/knowledge). It has presented Vichaar (thought, counsel, consideration of mater), Vishleshan  (Analysis), Vivechan (examining deeply, critical evaluation), Vaktavya  (a statement fit for saying), Vistaar (elaboration and detailing), Vitaran  (Transference or distribution of knowledge), provided Vikalpa (alternatives), shown a Vidhi (process, of how to go about), which has resulted in  Vardhan (foster, increase) of capabilities of the readers. This has led to Vidvatta , Vitta and Vinay (Scholarship, wealth and humility).


Thank you, contributors! BCAJ is an example of owners working and workers owning. As you will read below each column, contributors have truly owned their column and therefore the journal, and have worked so hard year after year, month on month pro bono. 


The difference between past and future is that future is not known and yet it is arriving for sure. Future is coming faster than we are going towards it. What will BCAJ be like at 75? Will BCAJ have AI as its editor? Perhaps one might be able to take a capsule of the journal and it will transfer and register all of the content in a reader’s brain! Or we might have a wearable and we will be able to see and simulate various propositions given in the Journal simply by thinking about it! It’s more likely that domains will be embedded in technology and not otherwise. Perhaps there will be BCAJ Alexa whom you can speak to and ask what you want? Who knows? But one thing is for sure that the essence of the Journal will always be to share and serve. No matter what is in store for us, we will cross every challenge and cover the distance:



Everything we have learnt will surely become less useful with time. We will have to learn more but that learning will last for lesser and lesser time. The ratio of relearning will be based on unlearning / past accumulation. Professionals will then be transformational officers – transforming themselves faster and certainly more than transforming others.  That way of growing will be the real golden glow! May it continue to grow!


Raman Jokhakar




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