February 2019

Eternal Vigilance

C. N. Vaze
Chartered Accountant

We are living in a war-like situation. Technology is invading and virtually taking over our personal and professional lives. It has become extremely difficult to maintain secrecy, confidentiality and privacy. The invasion is probably with a vicious attitude and purpose. Our bank account is vulnerable and our office and personal data is vulnerable. Hence, we are vulnerable and are exposed to many risks. Everywhere, there is a crisis of trust. In short there is a serious threat to security, an environment of uneasiness and suspicion is prevailing.

In international politics, there is an often quoted saying – “In international relations, there are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies. There are only permanent interests!” Unfortunately, this principle is becoming applicable even to our personal relationships.


Actually, the use of technology was expected to enhance our efficiency and make our living more creative and relaxed. Unfortunately, the experience is exactly the opposite! Therefore, there is an ever-increasing need for caution in every walk of life. The issue of privacy is being discussed and debated internationally.


Sometimes, the damage occurs not necessarily due to malicious intentions; but purely on account of negligence, lack of due care or inadvertence. Nevertheless, the consequences are disastrous. As chartered accountants, we expect that we should have independence and preserve and practice client secrecy - privacy. One always should bear in mind that “eternal vigilance is the cost of independence”.


Saint Samarth Ramdas has given a very beautiful message for the conduct of our life in just four lines –




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