January 2019


Dear Editor,

I, Mr. Dineshkumar Sitaram Agarwal, am a member of the Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society & also a regular reader of Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society Journal. With reference to the December 2018 Edition, it is my pleasure to tell you that content in the BCAJ is very well-written and useful.


I would like to make one suggestion. Case laws on Chartered Accountants who happen to be Ordinary Directors/ Individual Directors/ Non – Executive Directors of a Company & face criminal/ civil liability under Labour Law or any other law can be inserted under your “ALLIED LAWS” Column.


For example: We enclose herewith one case law of Kerala High Court where a Chartered Accountant defended
himself successfully in a prosecution case launched against him under PF Act.


We hereby suggest that similar case laws are included as it would be useful for members at large & hope that you will consider my suggestion.





Mr. Dineshkumar Sitaram Agarwal.

B. C. A. M. No.: LA – 000048.  


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