January 2019


Chartered Accountant

'Choice, not chance determines your destiny’



These words mean a lot. There is substance in these words and the substance is Commitment. We must reckon that choice and challenge are twins more like Siamese twins not capable of being separated.


Every choice comes with an opportunity and appended risks. Hence, every choice is a risk. There is no success unless we choose. However, action based on choice backed by commitment and effort achieves success, for example : Tilak and Gandhi’s call for Swaraj backed by commitment and effort gave us Independence and John Kennedy’s call to get man to moon in 1962 was not mere words or rhetoric but was backed by national resources and national effort.


Let us consider a few instances of choice :

  •    As a nation we chose independence. We chose partition. We chose secularism and then we chose Mandal which has led to the division of society – instead of having a cohesive outlook we have divided ourselves by caste, colour and creed. Ironically, this is not what the framers of our Constitution and seekers of independence dreamt of. Their aim was to create a cohesive society – whereas today we have a fractured society. The present state is the result of what our leaders chose. Virtually every section of society is seeking reservation for government jobs and educational opportunities. There are protests; quite a few are violent which damage public property. The issue is : can society choose to accept violence!
  •    One’s choice to have harmony in a family is to choose to sublimate individual ambition for achieving progress and happiness of the family.
  •   Business and organisation though based on an individual’s (CEO or owners) vision is created through team work hence the visionary chooses to create an institution which is guided by the visionary but is not individual centred.


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