October 2018

1 Section 206C Assessee defaulted in collection of tax at source for which AO took action after seven years When no limitation is provided in the statute for initiation of action and passing the order, held that the same has to be done within a reasonable time which according to the Tribunal was four years.

Jagdish D. Shah, Jagdish T. Punjabi, Chartered Accountants

Eid Mohammad Nizamuddin vs. Income Tax Officer (Jaipur)

Members: Vijay Pal Rao (J. M.) and
Vikram Singh Yadav (A. M.)

ITA NO. 248 and 316 /JP/2018

A. Y: 2009-10. Dated: 29th August, 2018

Counsel for Assessee / revenue: Mahendra
Gargieya and Fazlur Rahman /  J.C. Kulhari


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